Cargo Handling Procedure

  • Inbound Cargo Procedure
  • Outbound Cargo Procedure
  • Customs Clearance Procedures

  • Documentation Process

  • Storage and Terminal Charges Payment

  • Cargo Collection

  • Check Out

Customs Clearance Procedures

Agents shall go to the customs for customs clearance procedures, and then we can query the status of goods clearance in customs system.

Documentation Process

After the agents completes the vehicle reservation registration, carries the AWB and the customs declaration form into the customs surveillance area and parks the vehicle in the ICCS parking lot;

Agents can make an appointment in advance on the public number of "深圳机场国际货站ICCS" online to handle business, and submit the AWB and customs declaration form at the reception desk of the document hall.


At the front desk of the documents hall, pay the station fee and warehouse rent.

Agents can get the vehicle control sheet after settling the fees.

Cargo Collection

According to the vehicle control single VCT prompt parking vehicles and ready to load;

Check the AWB number and the number of packages one by one at the pick-up port, and guide the loading of the goods;

After loading, agents shall sign the Release Note;

Check Out

You can present the release slip and our staffs will handle the heavy truck out of ICCS.

  • Upon Arrival

  • Cargo Delivery

  • Customs Process

Upon Arrival

Before the actual delivery of goods, agents should send the pre-arranged manifest of goods through the logistics park system;

And guide the delivery driver to park the truck correctly and enter the customs supervision area.

Shippers, drivers and agents can follow the WeChat official account "深圳机场国际货站ICCS " to book business 3 days in advance.

Cargo Delivery

Agents shall provide the relevant information of the goods (including the AWB number, flight number, flight date, number of pieces, weight, volume, destination, name and license plate number of the goods agent, identity certificate of the consignor and contact information) to our staffs in exchange for the vehicle control sheet VCT;

With the vehicle control sheet VCT, obtain the unloading position at the departure platform coordinator's office, give the vehicle control sheet VCT to our staffs for receiving and handling goods, and wait for unloading instructions;

After the goods are weighed and passed the security inspection machine, sign the receipt of goods (weighing list) for confirmation. If the security inspector needs to spot check the goods, please ask the goods agent to contact the platform coordinator for warehousing and cooperation with the unpacking;

Customs Process

Before the closing of flight(the whole cargo aircraft six hours before departure time, passenger and cargo machine 4 hours before departure, express cargo 3 hours before departure time) agents should provide the documents (including but not limited to: bill, vehicle control single VCT and paperless release notice) to our staffs.