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International Cargo Centre Shenzhen(ICCS)

International Cargo Centre Shenzhen (ICCS), officially registered as Shenzhen Airport International Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd (SACTL) is a joint venture between Shenzhen Airport Co., Ltd. (SACL) and Lufthansa Cargo AG (LCAG) under the law of P.R. China with limited liability. Both companies share 50% of the total equity.


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Shenzhen Airport Co., Ltd. was established in April 1998. It is a limited liability company exclusively initiated by Shenzhen Airport (group) Co., Ltd, and established through public offering. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the same year.

Shenzhen Airport Co., Ltd. now manages Shenzhen Bao' an International Airport.

Shenzhen Bao' an International Airport was put into operation in 1991. It is a modern international airport integrating sea, land and air transport in China and the first international airport in China to adopt transit transportation.

By December 2019, Shenzhen Bao' an International Airport has delivered a total of 52.93 million passengers and 1.28 million tons of cargo and mail, and opened a total of 60 international passenger routes to 182 cities at home and abroad.

  • 1991Year

    Put into operation

  • 60

    International passenger routes

  • 182

    Cities at home and abroad

  • 3

    Integrating sea, land and air transport

Lufthansa Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. was established in November 1994. As an independent logistics company affiliated to Lufthansa group, its main business is airport-to-airport air transport services.

At present, Lufthansa Cargo has the processing capacity of all its cargo aircraft positions, as well as the processing capacity of all cargo charter planes and belly cabins of all Lufthansa group aircrafts.

It can be regarded as one of the most powerful all-cargo aircraft companies in the world.

The global business network has more than 300 sites covering five continents.

It is the first cargo airline in China to receive ISO quality certification, operating scheduled cargo flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong to Frankfurt, as well as passenger flights from Qingdao, Shenyang and Nanjing to Frankfurt.

  • 1994Year


  • 300Sites

    Global business network

  • First

    ISO quality certification

ICCS started operation since Sep. 1st, 2004, aiming to offering its customer airlines full international cargo handling services on a neutral principle on the basis of the IATA Standard Ground Handling Agreement.

To offer superior cargo terminal services to airlines, forwarding agents, shippers and consignees, we stick to the principle of refining our procedures to meet the ever-changing requirements and challenges of the constantly evolving air cargo industry.