Customer Satisfaction Survey

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The rating scale of the survey is: 1~5, representing extremely dissatisfied ~extremely satisfied

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Warehouse environment safety and security
Warehouse capacity offered
Equipment supply and quality
Staff Qualification
Knowledge required for services provided
Support and help-ness shown
Efficiency on issues being handled
Outbound Cargo & Document Handling
Quality and speed of cargo build-up
Preparation of outbound flight documents
Quality and timeliness of messages sending
Capacity of handling special shipments
Inbound Cargo & Document Handling
Quality and speed of cargo break-down
Quality and speed of document handling
Quality of messages sending (FSU, EDI to customs)
Capacity of handling special shipments
ULD Management
ULD and loading materials storage
Information update on ULD flow and stock
Customer Service
Irregularities handling and tracing
Communication efficiency
Information Sharing
Diversity of information disclosure channel
Practicality of information
Frequency of information update
Feedback on complaints/claims
Billing/invoicing quality
Overall Satisfaction
Service quality
Customer orientation
Problem solving
Value for money

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